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Brain Enhancement Supplement Enrich helps elevate mood and increases energy levels while promoting deep concentration and peak performance. —————————— The Science Behind Enrich Much of the time, our lives are consumed by ongoing stressors that significantly impact our health. Prolonged stress can contribute to digestive issues, mental fatigue, anxiety and multiple autoimmune conditions. Our brilliant blend is formulated with all the essential ingredients to give the brain the right boost of energy that it needs to thrive throughout your entire day. Our Manufacturer Doctor formulated High-quality clinical-grade sourcing 40 yr old company Top certifications in manufacturing standards held in the US All locally sourced farms within 200 miles of our facility to assure the highest quality control Best Dosing Practice Stack it for Clear, Calm, Brilliance Daily- in the morning and afternoon for decreased anxiety, increased focus, and attention with elevated mood Take 1 capsule of Adapt and 2 capsules of Enrich anytime during the day Performance- For athletic performance, focused study time, getting in the zone, increased energy, and elevated mood Take 2 to 3 capsules of Enrich throughout the day Sleep- For increased REM sleep, supporting brain detox Take 2 to 3 capsules of Adapt at bed Adapt and Enrich can be taken with or without food



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